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  • Aqua gymnastics

    Several times a day we offer our guests the possibility to work out their muscles and joints in the pleasantly warm thermal water.

    Aqua gymnastics Carolus Thermen


  • Bella Vista

    The Bella Vista offers a light cuisine with small dishes, salads and juices.


  • Caravans

    Unfortunately you can not park your caravan in our parking garage, because the maximum height is only 1,95 m.
    There is a campsite in Aachen-Burtscheid. You can find more information here:

    Campsite Aachen

  • Carolus Spa

    In our Carolus spa, which spreads over more than 200m˛, you can choose between a variety of wellness treatments like massages, ayurveda, beauty treatments, baths or Hamam treatments.

  • Carolus-Shop

    Daily between 9:30 am and 8:30 pm you can rent bathrobes and towels for a small fee. Beyond that beach wear and accessories can be purchased here.

  • Children

    Our pools are filled with thermal water which is very rich in minerals. Minerals are able to intrude inte the children´s body through the thin skin much faster than into an adult´s skin. So small children should not bath in mineral thermal water.

    Children under six: no admission
    Children from 6 to 15 years: only in accompany of an adult
    Children 16 years and older: welcome to visit us on their own

  • Chip Coin

    The inhouse credit card, with which you can use and pay all offers within the Carolus Thermen. Money is not needed within the Termal and Sauna World.

  • Clothing

    The Carolus Thermen are divided into two areas: the Thermal World and the Sauna World.

    In our Thermal World it is obligatory to wear common bathing suits.
    Our Sauna World is separated from the bathing area and will be charged additionally. The use of this entire area is without bathing suits.
    In our gastronomy "Lemon Grass" it is desirable to wear a bathrobe.

    We recommend all guests to wear flip-flops as the tiled floors are slippery when wet.


  • Discount Cards for regular guests

    The Carolus Thermen Bad Aachen offer their regular guests different discount cards, which grant generous discounts.



  • Feminarium

    The sauna area just for HER. Here the ladies are offered complete relaxation with a Finnish sauna, steam bath, foot basins and a rest zone.



  • Handicapped persons

    The Carolus Thermen are accessible to handicapped persons in nearly all areas. Elevators ensure the accessibility of the different floors, three specially-built changing cubicles guarantee a safe and comfortable changing of clothes and a lifter in the bathing hall makes an easy access into the lage thermal water pool possible. Our staff will be pleased to assist you.

  • Honey unction

    The honey unction is the indulgence program for your skin. During your sauna visit you receive specially-granulated honey which has a soft peeling effect and gently cleans and soothes your skin.

  • House and bathing regulations

    The house and bathing regulations can be downloaded here. (available in German language only)

    House and bathing regulations




  • Kissing forbidden?!

    No, neither we nor other guests mind a simple kiss. But it definitely shouldn’t be more, as the people’s tolerance is very different, when it comes to "exchanging caresses".

    Therefore we kindly ask you to:
    > Limit any kind of caresses to the absolute minimum during your stay in our spa.

    We do not accept at all:
    > Sexual activities, verbal salaciousnesses and insulting expressions

    Our staff is instructed to pay close attention to these kinds of behaviour and to interfere if required, or - in extreme cases - enunciate a prohibition to visit the Carolus Thermen Bad Aachen again.

    If you feel disturbed by the behaviour of other guests, please contact our staff directly.


  • Lending fee

    Daily between 09:30 am and 08:30 pm you can lend the following articles in our Carolus-Shop for a small fee:

    small towel: 2.- Euro
    large towel: 4.- Euro
    bathrobe: 7.- Euro
    package(small and large towel, bathrobe): 12.- Euro
    plus deposit


  • Massages

    Massagen as well as baths, Ayurveda, beauty & Hamam treatments are offered in our CAROLUS spa.

  • Medical benefit

    Due to extremely high concentration of precious minerals and their composition, frequent baths are recommended with muscle tensions, diseases concerning your musculoskeletal system, to regenerate after accidents or sport injuries and for women who suffer from female disorder.

  • Mediterraneo

    Restaurant with beergarden, which may also be visited by non-guests of the Carolus Thermen. Offered are Mediterranean dishes and beverages with panoramic view of the impressive bathing hall of the Carolus Thermen.







  • Shop

    daily from 9:30 am to 8:30 pm you can rent bathrobes and towels for a small fee. Beyond that beach wear and accessories can be purchased here.

  • Showers - having them is permitted :-)

    We understand that our guests do not want to lose any time and enjoy our thermal water or the saunas as fast as possible. However, please start your visit in the Carolus Thermen with a thorough cleaning of your body before entering the pools or saunas.

    On behalf of all guests our staff is instructed to pay attention that all guests have a shower before using
    our facilities.

  • Steam Rooms

    Visiting a steam room is not only relaxing but also good for your health. The steam opens your pores and cleans your skin in a natural way.






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