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Blood donation and thermal bathing

Aachen – Bundling blood donations and thermal bathing as health package was the shared idea of Aachen´s blood donation service in the clinical centre and the Carolus Thermen Bad Aachen in 2002. Since then the blood donors have had the choice of either receiving a cash allowance or a gift certificate for a visit to the Carolus Thermen, which is a great supplement to the blood donation year-round. A health care, that pays off for everyone; first of all the free health check when donating, and then pampering body and soul in the Carolus Thermen.

For more information please contact the Carolus Thermen Bad Aachen, Passstraße 79, 52070 Aachen, phone: +49 (0)241/18274-0 or contact the blood donation service in Aachen´s clinical centre unter +49 (0)241/8089494.

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