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by car

The Carolus Thermen are located in a Low-Emission Zone. Therefore you need a Green Sticker for your visit. Further information you can find here.

The Carolus Thermen Bad Aachen can be reached best by taking Autobahn exit "Aachen Zentrum/Würselen". Here you turn into Krefelder Strasse and follow the sign-posting Carolus Thermen.

Arrived in Passstrasse, you reach the entrance to the parking garage after about 200m. For the amount of 3.00 € you can park your car there during the entire stay and get into the Carolus Thermen without having to go outside.

directions [PDF, 361 KB]

Carolus Thermen Bad Aachen

Stadtgarten / Passstr. 79
52070 Aachen

Telefon ++49 / (0) 241 / 1 82 74-0


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