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Here we would like to answer frequently asked questions.

Question: Are the Carolus Thermen handicapped accessible?

The Carolus Thermen are accessible to handicapped persons in nearly all areas. Elevators ensure the accessibility of the different floors, three specially-built changing cubicles guarantee a safe and comfortable changing of clothes and a lifter in the bathing hall makes an easy access into the large thermal water pool possible. Our staff will be pleased to assist you.

Question: Are children allowed in the Carolus Thermen?

Our pools are filled with thermal water which is very rich in minerals. Minerals are able to intrude inte the childrenīs body through the thin skin much faster than into an adultīs skin. Therefore small children should not bath in mineral thermal water.

Besides our spa is supposed to offer silence and relaxation to adults up to an old age.

Therefore: Children under 6 years: no admission. Children and youth up to 16 years: only in accompany of an adult. Youth 16 years and up: welcome to visit us alone.

Question: Are pregnant women allowed to visit the Carolus Thermen?

The Carolus Thermen Bad Aachen welcome many pregnant women as guests. Every woman might show a different reaction to the visit. Therefore we recommend seeing a physician before visiting our facility.

Question: How does a stay in the Carolus Thermen work?

For your stay you receive a chip coin at the reception, your inhouse credit card, with which you can use and pay all offers inside the Carolus Thermen. When checking out the chip coin is read and the amount you have to pay is determined.

You do not need to make any decisions nor make payments when entering the spa. But attention: The chip coin is valuable. In case of loss we have to charge you 300.- Euro.

Question: Why is it not possible to pay the stay in the sauna separately?

The Carolus Thermen Bad Aachen are a municipal business and therefore obliged to create equal opportunities for the private sauna providers. On this account we are only allowed to operate our sauna area as a supplement of the thermal bath and must not offer a separate entrance into the sauna area. Sorry, but our hands are tied.


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