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co-operation partners

At this point we would like to thank...

...our partners for a successfull and kind co-operation.


80% of all Germans need blood or blood plasma drugs at least once in their life. Most probably including yourself. But the supply has become more and more difficult. That's why we ask you to convince your family and friends that donating blood is very important.

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ASEAG "Ticket to Wellness"

Totally relaxed to the Carolus Thermen and back by public transportation from the city and districts of Aachen.
The fare is 12.- Euro for the city and 14.- Euro for the districts and includes a 2.5-hour stay in the Thermal World of the Carolus Thermen and your bus or train ticket to and from the spa.

Homepage Ticket to Wellness on www.aseag.de

Acclivis - Agentur für Marketing
acclivis - agentur für marketing

Till Schüler, owner of "acclivis - agentur für marketing", has been accompanying the Carolus Thermen from the opening in 2001. His field of work for the spa includes the whole field of public relations, cooperations with regional and national media, coordination and monitoring of all marketing measures, conception and realization of events in the Carolus Thermen, market observation as well as marketing consulting in general and analysis. Further information can be found on the "acclivis" homepage.

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